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Engineering Career Coach: Accelerate



Inspired by my career story in Fortune 500 Companies, we Simplify Engineers' road to the Top.


Cut to the Chase: Use our Career Toolkit (CTK) to get a Job Offer.

Why Engineer's Road Map? 

Simplicity. We Accelerate our clients getting a job, gaining experience, and a higher income

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Accelerate your Career: Apply Your Tools


Apply your Tools Workshop
Accelerate Your Leadership in Engineering

Acceleration Workshop. What actions are utilized by Leading Engineers to develop their

leadership skills? What are the Leaders saying? How do they lead their careers to success, as wells as

their teams? We answer these questions, provide strategy, setting the right goals,

and focusing on the right purpose.


Apply Your Tools Workshop
Accelerate your Engineering Career with ERM

ERM (Engineer your Road Map) career Acceleration Workshop for Engineers: what does the Road look like? What are your career options in your company and outside? We discuss the Industry's Engineering professionals best tips for success, and strategies from Engineers, Leaders, and how the process for advancement is applied from "A to Z".  


Apply Your Tools Workshop 
Accelerate Project Management Skills for Engineers in Sciences

Workshop session for Engineers including Sciences and Project Management roles. How can Engineers in Sciences benefit from both Agile and Traditional Project Management? We highlight Soft Skills and Project Management Tools utilized to leverage SME (Subject Matter Experts) into higher roles in Industry and Academia, and discuss how to apply them into success.  


Apply Your Tools Workshop
Accelerate your Project Management Skills for Engineers 
Across Industries

Workshop session. How can Engineers grow? What is the value of Project Management for Engineers? We discuss expectations of Engineering roles, why Project Management techniques should be known by Engineers, and illustrate how Engineering projects come together better and faster. We discuss "Agile" in Engineering.

Apply Your Tools 70-Page Manual
The Engineer's Toolkit: 7 Tips to Accelerate your Career

An exclusive 70-page Engineering Career Tool Kit. Open each Toolkit in the manual to find easy-to-apply actions for early career and seasoned Engineers. Uncover Tools and Techniques focused on proven simplified steps. Toolkit Tips include actions to take in job searching, interviewing, and networking, including strategic collaborations to accelerate your Career.

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